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Roberts Springfield has a long history in providing quality service and repairs

Auto Centre - Springfield & West

8.00am until 5.30pm Weekdays

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Mobile tyre fitting
Island wide service

Tyre fitting on the move - Call Springfield on 752288 and Roberts West on 752260.

No longer do you have to take time off work your tyres replaced. Instead the Roberts mobile tyre fitting service will come to you whenever you are free. Leaving you with brand new tyres without losing time or the inconvenience. As long as there is enough room for our professional fitters to work, you need not worry about changing your routine at all. The Roberts mobile fitters can change your tyres wherever you are, be that at work, home or at the side of the road if you have a flat tyre and have had to leave your car somewhere, simply call us to book our mobile fitting and we’ll get you going again.

Auto Centre Services
Vehicle repairs - Servicing - Tyre fitting & repair - Wheel balancing - Brake checks

We offer free no obligation exhaust, brake checks, wheel alignment, batteries health checks. It is important to get all these areas checked regularly to prevent any damage occurring which may cause damage to your vehicle.