About us

Roberts Garages was founded in 1958 by Frank Roberts who prided himself in offering his customers value for money and an exceptional level of customer services. Something Roberts still prides itself in achieving 60 years later. In fact, Roberts conducts its business under what it calls its 3 C’s – excellent Customer Service, Convenient Locations & opening times and Competitive Prices. It is this mix that the company believes differentiates it from its competitors. Roberts employs almost 50 staff, many who have been with the organisation for more than 10 years. It is these individuals who make the business what it is. Always welcoming customers with a smile no matter what time of day, and often greeting them by their first name given the close relationship between the loyal customer base Roberts has and the individual staff members.

On each of its sites Roberts operates a well-stocked convenience store with a large variety of products providing everything a customer could need from such an outlet. Indeed, Roberts likes to think that it is the first business to spring to mind when a customer is looking for an urgent purchase no matter what time of the day.

In addition to the forecourts, the convenience stores and the car wash facilities, Roberts also has an auto centre situated on its Springfield site. Like the rest of the business, the Roberts Auto Centre is renowned for its excellent customer service and its competitive prices. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Roberts Garages is fortunate to have a very wide and very loyal customer base which could only be retained by the business consistently providing the level service you expect from the Roberts brand. This loyalty by customers is awarded by Roberts via its own Customer Loyalty Card system which gives 10ppl discount for every litre of fuel purchased. Roberts also runs a monthly credit account system for businesses with a minimum monthly spend. Again, these customers enjoy discount on fuel purchased, as well as receiving credit. The benefits arising from the Roberts billing system and its ability to analyse monthly spend for customers is also an advantage for Roberts Garages customers.

Roberts Garages sister company RGF Limited who ships in fuel to the Island has been trusted with the Esso Brand for the Channel Islands under a form of ‘franchise agreement’ and as such the company must meet the stringent conditions Exxon Mobil demand as its partner. Something that Esso customers can gain assurance from in regards to quality of the fuel both Roberts and the other associated Esso forecourts supplies through RGF Limited.